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Our workshop

Behind the scenes at Eloise is our fully functioning all singing all dancing jewellery workshop. With the most modern and high-tech equipment, such as our rhodium plating machine and our micro pulse arc welder, the possibilities are endless in the things that we can do for you. 

All members of staff are trained in silversmithing techniques and can assist you with your queries at the front desk. Our dedicated in-house jewellers Debby, Helen, Nadia and Scott have a vast array of skillsets between them and can cover all aspects of jewellery design, make and repair with everything done onsite for a quick and secure turn around.

To find out more about the workshop services available, please see below.
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Eloise in the workshop

Jewellery Commissions at Eloise

Whether you've had that certain piece of jewellery in your minds eye for years or would like to come and talk to our creative jewellery designers about something special and unique, we will be able to assist you here at Eloise. We have a dedicated team of jewellers with a vast and broad range of skillsets spanning over 30 years. Whether you would like to custom design your diamond engagement ring or remodel and update you're vintage pieces, pop in and speak to us today!
Resident Jeweller Debby Valentine
Debby specialises in quirky, contemporary sterling silver pieces. Her hammered chunky bangles and signature heart pendants are a popular choice and can be customised to suit your needs by adding stamped lettering or birth stones.
Materials for hand made jewellery
Bespoke Designs By Helen Pickering

Helen is a recent graduate from the prestigious Glasgow School of Art and has a natural flair for aesthetics and attention to detail. This is only enhanced by her creative ability and high standards, you will be amazed by the level of care and attention she will dedicate to your special, one-off bespoke piece of jewellery.
A partly-completed pendant
Master Jeweller Scott Curran

Our master jeweller Scott Curran has over 30 years experience in the jewellery business. Whether it's a tricky repair which you thought couldn't be done, a remodel and update of sentimental jewellery or a design and make from scratch come and speak to Scott at our boutique on a Friday.

Jewellery Design

What's more special than personalised jewellery designed from the heart... One of our jewellers will sit down with you and co-design that perfect piece you've always dreamed of. Get in touch to make an appointment with an Eloise bespoke jewellery designer today.
Diagram of a heart pendant
A heart containing the initials CC

Jewellery Repairs

At Eloise we are able to do all manners of real and costume jewellery repairs on premesis in Kirkcaldy, whether you need a ring resized, a stone replaced, or a string of beads re-strung.

Our “micro pulse arc welder,” or flameless soldering machine, has opened up a new realm of possibilities when it comes to jewellery repairs. It fuses all types of metal (even costume jewellery) without the use of a flame, allowing us to repair jewellery we once would have had to turn away because we couldn't apply heat or unset the stones.
Jewellery repairs with the help of a microscope
Traditional silversmith techniques are still used when possible to give seamless results to your gold and silver pieces, and all manners of clasps and stones can be matched and replaced.

We are also one of the few jewellers that still offer the traditional restringing technique with individual knotting. 
A hand holding pearls on a string
For all enquiries and quotes for jewellery repair, it is advised that you pop into our boutique on the High Street, Kirkcaldy with your damaged item.

Rhodium plating done here in Kirkcaldy

Rhodium plating is a process used to coat materials with a decorative and protective layer of rhodium which is the world’s most expensive precious metal and is extremely hard. It is used to give white gold (which is naturally a dull grey colour) it's bright white sparkling look & greatly enhances the appearance of diamonds. It can also coat yellow gold for a more contemporary look or even sterling silver with immitation diamonds for a more convincing effect!
A diamond ring
A wedding ring before and after rhodium plating
Our rhodium plating prices start from:

One ring - £19.99
Two rings - £35.00
Three rings - £45.00

We include in this price a recondition and polish prior to the plating for optimum results

Bigger pieces would need to be quoted individually

Plating is done on premises and can be done as a same day service, subject to staff availability.
For handmade jewellery ideas from our workshop, or for a quote for repairing jewellery,
contact Eloise Original in Kirkcaldy today on 
01592 646 340 
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